This is the website of Henry Tudor, the famous exact double of King Henry VIII. Lots of Historical resources and lots of fun, so enjoy your stay. Free ebooks for young and old by Henry Tudor and his fine assistant Bubbles Blue.

Welcome to my website, launched in 2005 it has grown to become a huge resource for schools and historians alike.

Henry's view

Henry Tudor has retired again, this time from full-time acting to become an Author and Webmaster.

His new book in the shops from 31st August 2016. An adult crime novel.
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Marrying Anne of Kleve

Autograph hunters in London.

German TV interview.

My Italian Stallion
By Henry Tudor
Put-puts, brm-brms, this clever two stroke never hums
Simple piston revving slow, makes this stallion really go.
Twist the grip to change the gear, no hill step enough to cause much fear
Glorious blue with Union flag, carries heavy weight, no sag.
Small wheels do cause some anxious grief, potholes, ramps, road relief
Bikers on modern broom, pass so swiftly but give me room.
They wave back to the blue put put, to meet again in bikerís hut
Iíll keep this mount to ride afar, my beautiful blue stallion Vespa.